Agritourism. The New Tourism?

1 May


Us Folks at The Savvy Hen are bursting at the seams to open our doors.  We just can’t wait.  But sometimes we have to wait.  Lucky for us, the shop will be located in a beautifully restored late 1800’s building.  The restoration process however, has brought some surprises, and therefore, delays.  So instead of fretting about things that are beyond our control, we felt a last minute trip was in order, and that trip should be in honor of The Savvy Hen.  So, we headed on down to Belcampo Lodge in southern Belize for a short, but magical trip.

A true agritourism destination, Belcampo includes 3,000 acres within a 12,000 acre preserve.  The lodge has chickens, pigs, and extensive gardens and orchards which provide food for guests and employees.  Additionally, they have just planted sugar cane so that they can produce their own rum, as well as cacao trees from which they are making delicious chocolate.  This farm, easily one of the largest employers in the area, also works hard to support other local and smaller farmers as well.  They regularly visit town market days to supplement their menu, and export much of their coffee and cacao (and will do the same with the rum), as not to undercut other local and smaller producers.  It was an inspiring experience, and highlights the importance of local, sustainable, and responsible agricultural practices no matter where the location.  Having experienced this, I know our future travels will incorporate agritourism whenever possible, and we encourage you all to try the same….



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